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Dog vaccinations and check-ups

Regular health check-ups are important for the long-term health and welfare of all pets. A thorough examination of your dog is included in our vaccination price to ensure that your pet is fit and healthy in order to receive the vaccination and also to allow us to take a pro-active role in preventive health care. Actual or imminent health problems will hopefully be spotted earlier and appropriate treatment or preventive action taken. This is an ideal opportunity to discuss any aspect of your pet’s health or well-being (eg, weight problems) that is of concern to you. If appropriate, further investigation (eg, blood tests, xrays, etc) may be suggested. It is of course possible to perform health examinations at times other than the annual vaccination and you are more than welcome to pop in to use the scales for your dog at any time. We often recommend more frequent check-ups for pets with chronic problems (eg, heart disease, arthritis). Remember one human year is considered equivalent to seven for a dog or cat.

Vaccination protocols for Puppies 

Puppies are routinely vaccinated against Distemper, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus, Hepatitis and Parainfluenza. The initial course is two injections two weeks apart and these are normally performed at 8 and 10 weeks of age or older. Before this age, the maternal antibodies passed onto puppies via the mothers milk give a certain amount of protection and may interfere with the vaccination. Annual booster vaccinations should also be given. It is thought that protective immunity develops between 7-14 days after your puppy has received it’s second vaccination and therefore should be kept away from unvaccinated dogs until 2 weeks post-vaccination.   DSC_9116 Mum's Jambo

Dogs can also be given a separate vaccination to offer protection against kennel cough (Bordetella bronchiseptica). This is most effective if given one to two weeks before going into a “high-risk” situation – most often kennels, but also pet-shows, training classes, etc.
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