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Socialisation and Microchipping


To help you puppy grow up happy and comfortable with people, other animals, and the world around them (rather than aggressive, shy or fearful) he/she MUST be well socialised early in life. Socialisation means making your puppy used to a variety of people, places, dogs, animals, other situations, sights and sounds. Teaching puppies that these different situations are all normal and to be expected reduces the likelihood of them developing many behavioural problems (including the aggression that so often develops as a result of fearful situations). It is especially important that puppies meet young children provided the children are gentle and not too boisterous!


The earlier this starts, the better, as the puppy is most receptive to new experiences between 1 and 3 months of age. Obtaining puppies born into domestic environments (rather than more isolated situations such as kennels and barns) and then introducing them to as much variety as possible before the age of 3 months is the best way to reduce the possibility of future behavioural problems. Dog training and puppy socialisation classes are both extremely useful for the these purposes also. For more information regarding classes please contact the surgery or look at the notice boards in any of our branches.


We advise all dogs are microchipped, microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and are implanted with a needle. This then sits under the pet’s skin for its lifetime and if your pet goes missing, most vets/animal charities/local authorities/dog wardens have microchip readers so when someone finds your pet they can read the chip’s 15-digit code. This identifies your pet on the secure PetLog database which is accessible 24 hours a day, where your contact details are stored and located for contact purposes. 
We recommend microchipping puppies at the time of the second vaccination, however microchips can also be implanted while under anaesthetic at the time of neutering for a slightly reduced fee.

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