West Ridge Farm Vets provide a dedicated veterinary services to farms of all sizes and types, from smallholdings to large commercial units.

We focus on productivity through health and encourage our clients to invest in health rather than pay for disease. We are proud to look after some of the best livestock farms in the region, prioviding the farmers and herd keepers with expert veterinary care to help them get the very best from their livestock.

From organic systems to intensive beef units, from spring calving grazing herds to high flying commercial dairy systems, large and small, we provide the care that you require for your animals.

We want to help you get the best from your livestock, by ensuring that they are fit, healthy and productive throughout their lives.

We offer the following veterinary services for farm animals:

  • Emergency care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Health and fertility contracts for fixed price veterinary services for dairy herds - getting the most from your vet, with the best value.
  • Beef contracts for beef breeding herds to maximise service value and minimise costs
  • Routine fertility visits to ensure reproductive health and performance
  • Infectious disease management, including effective vaccination programmes and surveillance systems
  • Practical and effective flock and herd health planning, using myhealthyherd.com
  • Parasite control, particulalry for sheep flocks, including monitoring and treatment advice
  • Grant aided and funded health programmes
  • TB testing to suit your convenience
  • Competetively priced medicines, with special prices for medicines that prevent disease and promote health

Click here for our  latest price list or phone us 01884 860236

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